Books of the Month and why I chose them

There are a few things I am working on as part of my personal growth strategy. One is a better understanding of myself and the people around me. The other is mastering my environment.  There are 2 books I have chosen to dissect over the holidays. They go along with my other favorite topics so it should be a good 2 months. I may finish reading them earlier but I like to re-read books just to soak in the knowledge. You always learn more when you read a book a second time. Some books should be read 4 times a year. 

Well, the topic of this book is clear. I am going on a journey to change my habits.  This is a new book getting rave review by both Doctors and Entrepreneurs.  

This is another Robert Green Classic. I have read most of his books. Very strong and informative, definitely not a quick read. More like a study guide but I am sure it will give me insight to what makes myself and others tick.