Progress Report 3D Fashion lift off

It is not easy to create the desired look for 3D as a part-time hobby. Well at least a bit difficult. As I embarked on this journey to create a collection in the 3D digital world, I quickly realized that there is not one stand alone piece of software that will be used to create a professional look. This being the case I have forced myself (Joyfully) to learn all the software professionals use to finish a look in 3D.

The core issues are located in 3 areas, topography, simulation and rendering time. There are several programs that join together to get the 3D garment to look like the fabric and fiber the design intended. This is where digital topography comes in. Achieving the look in Clo3D alone won’t do. The flow and weight of the fabric is one thing but finalizing the look of the materials is better handled in a program like ZBrush by Pixelogic or Maya by Autodesk. Sooooo…. yes I started learning these programs also.

What I have learned is that it takes more than just one software to get the job done. In Clo3-D the avatar leaves a little to be desired. So to get the look of a more realistic body I have gone to a program called Daz 3-D. This program makes realistic body shapes skin tones hair and make-up, it also helps you create a final look that your customer can relate to. Well, there is no definitive workaround from the company many artists have published ways to get around using the Clo3-D avatars. This requires a lot of YouTube watching. But once you get the hang of it you can create your clothes and then import them into a program that would create your final looks, like Daz 3-D or V-Ray. Learning is fun and putting ideas into work for my customer is even better. Especially when I see the look on their face as I present to them their ideas and a final render.