The Yellow Dress in Clo3d 5.0

This is the story of the Yellow Dress. While she is magnificent, she is also a prototype for my current workflow in CLO3d’s 5.0 version. This took about 2 hours to drape a semi-useable pattern and simulation entirely in Clo3d. The true test will be if I have to convert this pattern into 2D for it to be workable. I think so (SMH) Also, the video timelapse of the process is below. Look out for the 2D pattern drafted in Optitex 2D and made printable in Adobe Illustrator.

What I do love is the new 3 point lighting render option in CLO3D’s new 5.0 version. The main article photo is done with the 3 point lighting feature to give a more stylized render. Looking forward to Clo3d 5.0 since it may solve the 2D pattern issues to a point. Sizing, measurements and accuracy, I look forward to trying it out!