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Dorelle McPherson

Fashion has always been my passion, my first love. In my youth, I celebrated my love for fashion with the ceremonial dressing of dolls, tearing of magazine pages and strategically decorating my bedroom wall with a ton of visual influences of style. Growing up, it was not only Naomi and Linda and what they wore on the runway that influenced my tastes but it was the moods portrayed by Calvin and Ralph thru magazines ads in Elle and Vogue.

It was the 80’s and it was OK to be different;  it was OK the be “weirdo”

My personal style then was simple and colorful. I dressed like Boy George and Terrence Trent Darby, sporting long coats and long braided hair through my early high school days. I rocked my Mickey Mouse graffiti sweatshirt with my acid wash jeans, self-made, in the early 90’s to keep my look current. I even made most of my clothes, since going HS of Fashion Industries made it a thing to do. My bestie and I in High School even worked selling our one of a kind wears in a booth in a tiny little shop in the lower east side, NYC.

I knew Fashion was where I wanted to make my career flourish. After HS of Fashion Industries, I went to FIT my college of choice. It was tough because I was not totally prepared for college, my grades were less than perfect back then. I had no clue that you could get a scholarship for Arts so, I had to work and put myself through school on a budget. Mom and Dad did not have the funds either, but since it was my dream I was determined to make it happen. After graduating I took many freelance jobs in design offices in the garment district to get a feel for what I wanted to do. I learned soon enough that my talents reached beyond the creativity of design but into the technical aspects of the industry. After landing a job as Assistant Designer at Calvin Klein Jeans, I quickly realized how I could use these technical talents. I moved on to being a technical designer as a career choice.

Also below are photos of many of the styles that I have worked at perfecting the fit for 2014-2018

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These are some styles worked on over the 2019-2020 year